Wordpress Blog MeetingFree is the most attractive word in the English language when it comes to getting your own business off the ground online. Most newcomers start out blogging on free blog platform such as WordPress.org.

But then they realize that maintaining control over their blog on a domain of their own is of utmost importance – and WordPress is what most people use to create an online presence.

It’s very easy to insert a WordPress blog into your domain once you have hosting. Here’s what you do using DreamHost, for example:

1.) Log into your hosting account and click the wordpress button (a smiley face) under the Software and Services section.

2.) On the left-hand side, under Blogs, click on the WordPress link.

3.) Click the New Installation link.

4.) From the drop-down menu, pick which domain you want to install the blog on. You can also choose where to install the blog. If you want the blog on the primary domain, then leave the space blank where it says, “Install in directory,” but you may want to put a landing page on the primary domain and put your blog on a different area such as domainname.com/blog.

5.) Enter your admin nickname and password that you’ll use to manage the blog’s content on a regular basis.

6.) Click Install WordPress.

The next screen will show you where your access URL will be for your blog. Make sure you keep track of this information. To complete the process, click Finish Installation. Once your blog is installed, you can pick a theme that will match your niche topic.

Then you’re ready to start posting to your blog! The more you post, the more often various search engine spiders will visit your blog and index your site for relevancy to your niche topic.

Make sure you post frequently and use keyword phrases in the titles of your blog posts as well as your content. Have a strategy in place to monetize your blog with the sale of your own products or as an affiliate to promote someone else’s products.

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