Ghostwriting and Graphic designGhostwriting is pretty simple. It basically means that you write for other people and your name doesn’t exist as the author of that work. You’re a ghost, working behind the scenes.

There are some people who are of the mindset that if they write it, they want to take credit for it. But the problem with that way of thinking is, having a byline won’t fill your car with gas and it won’t pay your mortgage.

Ghostwriting is a solid way to earn some extra money, but you can make a living at it if you know how to do it. There are online sites overflowing with people who are looking for writers to write content for them.

This doesn’t mean that you would have to major in writing in college or that you have to be the perfect writer. It does mean that you need a pretty good grasp of the mechanics of whatever language that you’re writing in.

It means that you need to be pretty good at spelling. But both of those are things that can be learned. You can ghostwrite articles, eBooks, reports, blog posts, newsletters, technical manuals, nonfiction and fiction books, screenplays and more.

You’ll need to be able to meet deadlines and handle multiple projects. You can get clients by advertising your services on a blog or joining a writer-for-hire service platform. What you can charge will depend on the project and your level of skill.

Graphics are another way that you can earn money online. These are simply visuals like images or designs that can be used to enhance or promote a product or a business. The purpose of graphics is to communicate a visual message.

Using a graphic can help people create a brand. Some examples of graphics are banners or headers for websites, buttons, company logos, business cards, bookmarks, ads, eBook covers and more.

To get started with making money online by selling graphics, you’ll need to have a good understanding of color theory. What you need to know is what colors work well together and how to design the project so that it’s appealing.

You won’t necessarily need a degree to know how to do graphics. You can be self-taught and there are many tutorials online that will show you how. You will need design software, but you can also find some free ones to get you started.

Finding clients is handled pretty much in the same way that finding clients for ghostwriting is. You hang out a shingle on a website or you join a community that advertises your services to the public.

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