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Viral video is a marketing tool that all top marketers use both in info product development and viral branding efforts. What’s the best way for someone who sells in the IM niche to build trust and loyalty by the masses?

They teach for free on one of the hottest sites to date – YouTube. There are many marketers who have channels on YouTube and other viral video sites who use the technology to create short tutorials on bite-sized information.

What you can do, as someone who is yearning to soak up everything about Internet marketing that you can, is find the best people to follow for the topics you want to know and see if they have a video channel that you can subscribe to via RSS feed.

This way, you can take your time going through previous lessons on the site but be alerted each time they have a new lesson for you to watch. You’ll find some Internet marketers who talk about anything and everything related to this industry, while other have a specialty topic.

Use a tool like Videohive to gather all of your video tutorials in one spot and use their special filter feature to put all video lessons in one group, while other feeds for text go into a separate category.

Once you find someone you feel is worth learning from, you can either watch every video they produce or pick and choose which ones will help you the most.  You can learn a lot from looking at the video ratings and number of views. If a video was successful (or in some cases controversial), then it will have a high number of views. If people agree with it, then the ratings will be high as well.

Some people prefer to learn via text while others learn best seeing the action occur. Video is no different from reading a step-by-step tutorial. While you’re watching something unfold, you can pause the video and open a new tab or window and take the exact same steps as the marketer did – just as if you were looking at screen shots.

Subscribing to viral videos is also a way that you can stay abreast of what your competitors are doing. Whatever niche that you’re in, make sure you tune into what others are doing with this technology to showcase their expertise.

Marketers use YouTube and other viral video sites like Revver to spread the word about their products and services, but they see the best results when they deliver free lessons to generate good will and trust with prospects and consumers.

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