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Making the Most of Social Media

In this day and age, it’s a no brainer that you should be using social media for your business. Social media marketing is a “must do” for any business owner. However, to do it correctly and get the most out of your social media marketing, you need to understand all of the nuances of each different social media platform.

Here are some tips for making the most out of your social media for your business.

1. Who’s Your Audience?

There are multiple different social media platforms – far too many for one company, large or small, to try to be the best at all of them. You need to know where your audience is and what platforms they are using. This is the only way you’ll really be able to connect with your specific target audience.

For example, if you are a highly visual company with high quality visuals, then you will find your audience mostly on sites like Pinterest and Instagram, where you can use high quality photos to interact with your audience.

For a more professional audience you’ll want to be on LinkedIn, and when you want word of mouth then social media sites like Twitter and even Facebook are best for that. Don’t just limit yourself to these one of two social media platforms, though. Just be sure you focus more of your target efforts for your audience to the platforms where you audience will be.

2. Don’t Just Sell You on Social Media

The whole point of social media is to be social. This means you must interact and engage with your customers. Don’t always be asking them to do something or buy something, but rather make a social connection with them.

Do be careful in how you respond to customers, too. When someone is lashing out at you, it might be tempting to lash back, but that creates bad word of mouth for you. You should address praise and criticism in a professional and courteous manner.

3. Be Transparent and Own Your Mistakes

Sometimes you might say the wrong thing on social media. Maybe you thought you were signed into a personal account or maybe your words were misunderstood, or you said something in haste without thinking about it first. It’s okay; it happens, but you must address it.

Don’t delete and say nothing and think it’s just going to go away. Own up to your mistake and if necessary offer up a sincere apology. Don’t make a hasty response, though. That’s what likely got you in trouble in the first place. You might think you need to react quickly for damage control, but taking the time to think about how to properly address something will help you keep your foot out of your mouth.

4. Post Frequently

This doesn’t mean so frequently that you come off as spammy, but try to post on a fairly regular basis. Perhaps that’s just once a day, or maybe it’s two or three times a day. Be purposeful in your postings, though, and be sure you take the time to post.

5. Responding to Negative Feedback

Let’s face it; you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s the way of life, but just because someone doesn’t like you or your company or what you’re selling doesn’t mean they are wrong. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

Negative comments can be very upsetting, but if you ignore them and don’t deal with them, then it can be much more damaging to your reputation. Maybe you’ll win them over; maybe you won’t. Offer up a way to help the customer resolve their issue. Ask to take it to private message, and perhaps a phone call will be in order to try to direct it off of public social media posts.

6. Track Your Social Media

Know what kind of posts are getting the most interaction and what time you’re posting them. This will help you connect better with your audience by knowing what they like to see and when they’re most likely to see it.

Social media marketing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Following the above steps will be a great start to creating highly interactive communities around your business on social media.

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How To Build Trust Among Your Social Media Followers

It is very simple to post information on social media. Everyone can pass information through the internet including their online businesses, but the question is; are your followers interested in your information? Do they even trust your information? This issue is raised because nowadays, the internet is occupied by scammers and users are aware therefore do not want to be victims of any scam.
One major thing you will want; is your customers to trust you, acknowledge that your source of information is reliable and trustworthy. But how will you go about this?
Building trust can be done in many ways but for your social media fans; the following tips will greatly increase trust among them.

1. Deliver Quality Information

Quality is always given credit. If you share your great content on social media, your followers will understand your business better, and they will want to know more about it. It will mean that your information is worth sharing because it has been fact checked and modified. Reliable information is always professional and encloses great ideas and free from errors.
Sharing doesn’t mean you have to share all details; you have got your website therefore significantly encourage them to click on it. By doing this, you will experience traffic on your site.

2. Keep Away From Jargon

Although social media is meant for interaction, it is not intelligent use additional languages as this will turn off your fans. Update short and precise posts; this will direct a fan to click through in case they need more information. Make sure you give them a clue of what they’ll find if they click through the website. It is paramount to give your fans information they need in an easy way for you to gain trust.

3. Engage

There is no point of sharing information on social media if you are not going to engage your followers. It is very simple to interact with clients through twitter, facebook, and other internet platforms. Make proper use of tools provided and talk to them. Those who receive your responses promptly will know that they come first hence winning their trust. Others will also see how you respond to clients and this will also sell your reputation.

4. Timing

Avoid posting frequently as this will annoy your followers; they can even stop following you. They may view you as a spammer, and this will ruin your trust among them. Again, if you post too petite, people will forget about you and will no longer follow you. The best solution to this is to keep the balance, do not sound too much or too little. Your relationship with your clients will boom.

5. Emphasize The Best of Your Business

It is crucial to show your followers your excellence. If you have success stories or testimonials, let them know. When one is looking for a company or a service, they always want to know about it before involving themselves. Since social media’s reach is immense, share the testimonials; undoubtedly the people you persuade to click through the site will trust you further.

If you take those above tips into practice, your social media interaction will increase rapidly.