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How to Get a Good Travel Deal on Hotel, Car, and Airfare

When looking for the best travel deal possible, don’t risk it.  Never cross your fingers and hope for the best – research your options and get the vacation you deserve when you’re spending your hard-earned money.

The more time you book in advance, the more time you have to keep a close eye on hotel prices and airfare and make exchanges wherever applicable. If you’ve been searching for a long time now, and you see something that looks like a good deal – it probably is!

Try to look online for various travel deals.  Booking online is probably one of the most cost-cutting and valuable methods of making reservations somewhere.  Simply checking websites that claim the lowest prices isn’t enough anymore. Compare prices everywhere in order to get a good travel deal.

If you’re a generally a spur-of-the-moment type person, always be sure to check for last minute deals on flights that still have empty seats a few hours before boarding.  This could cut costs by a lot since airlines want your business.

When searching for a good travel deal, make sure to look and see if the price of the ticket includes taxes and all applicable fees. If not, you may be tacking an additional hundred dollars onto your price.

When searching for hotels, similar to airfare, try not to settle for the first rate you’re offered.  Ask about military, corporate, senior, or any other special rates you might qualify for.  Selecting a hotel just outside the major city you’re visiting tends to be cheaper as well – which allows for a better travel deal. Ask for an upgrade to a suite because many companies will do it for free if the room is empty.

Getting a great travel deal on a rental car is easy if you ask for upgrades.  Generally, it’s less expensive to rent using the online service rather than walking in and renting a full week is often cheaper than a daily rate.  Don’t forget to add taxes to whatever rate you’re being offered.

Check with your auto-insurance agent to make sure that you’re covered in case an accident occurs while in a rental car.  Before leaving the lot, be sure to make note of any dents, scratches, stains, or other damages in order to avoid taking the bill for someone else’s carelessness. Priority Pass Summer campaign 2022

A final good travel deal tip is to try walking from your hotel or hostel to a local restaurant. This will eliminate cab costs and will make you feel better gaining some fresh air and being able to take in all of the local scenery.