What Hosting Company Do Most Marketers Use?

Business-and-Productivity-scaledWhen you’re first starting out in Internet marketing, it’s tempting to just utilize free websites like Weebly, blog platforms and more to promote your business. But what you should really do is pay the small it requires to set up your own monthly hosting account so that you maintain complete control over your domains and their content.

Hosting companies all have various tiers to their products. At DreamHost, for example, you can invest in a basic plan for a mere $4.95 a month. This allows you to host one domain but you get most of the other perks the hosting company offers, including unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Or, if you know you’ll have more than one domain, you might want to invest in the $7.95 a monthly plan which gives you unlimited domain hosting. A premiere plan called the Business account also gives you extras such as a toll free phone number and a dedicated IP for just $12.95 a month.

DreamHost has a very easy to use shared web hosting platform. Even the greenest marketing newbie can log in and confidently upload files, track traffic stats, and implement a WordPress blog onto their domain without hassle. And if there are any questions that arise, DreamHost has a 24/7 virtual customer service chat to walk you through any issues.

While DreamHost may be one of the most popular web hosting services,  Their are other comparable service that many marketers use and love. Also offering a Vps and support feature, domains hosted there get free site builders with templates, unlimited domains and disk space, bulletin boards, and more.

It doesn’t matter which hosting company you use as long as you ensure their level of customer service support and make certain that they have plans that are comparable to other services so that you don’t short-change yourself in the decision making process.

You also want to check with other customers to see what kind of downtime the hosting company has on a regular basis. You don’t want your sites going offline for extended periods of time because every second it’s down, you’re losing business.

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