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It used to be that if you wanted to make money with your writing, you had to sell to a big New York publisher, but thankfully those days are long gone. Now anyone who has a story to tell can publish a book using Kindle.

By using the Kindle Publishing Direct platform on Amazon, you can upload your book and have it go live. Depending on which royalty set you choose when you sign up, you can earn 35% or 70% in royalties.

You can also choose whether or not to make your book exclusive on Amazon. Some authors do this thinking that it will make a difference in how much money they make. What this does is prevents you from selling your book on any other platform for the time being.

First, of course, you’ll need to have a book or a novella. A novella can be around 30,000 words in length. After you write it, you must make sure it’s professionally copyedited. If you can’t afford that right now, then find a few people willing to beta read it for you and ask them to catch mistakes and any plot holes.

Once the book is copyedited, you’ll want to find someone to format the book. If you try to upload a book that’s not formatted, the wording will get messed up. An unedited, unformatted book turns readers off and you want to give your book the best possible chance to shine.

Hire a professional cover artist. You want to do this because an ugly book cover doesn’t attract readers. It’s not as expensive as you think. You can find readymade covers for as little as $25 and you can have custom made ones for as little as $50.

If you plan on having print versions of your book later on, make sure your cover artist creates a back cover so that you’ll have a book that will wrap for print. When you upload your book, you’ll be given the choice on whether to take Digital Rights Management or not.

Enabling it is supposed to help prevent people from sharing your book with others, which is supposed to cut down on piracy. It doesn’t. So whether you choose that are not won’t make much of a difference.

You’ll have to choose your price and the price that you choose will impact your royalty rate. Because Amazon doesn’t really push advertising for self-published books on Kindle, you might want to consider setting your book up for an introductory price just for release week. How To Write A eBook in 7 Days

Many readers are more than willing to try a brand new author’s book at 99 cents than they are for $5.99. You can change the price and it only takes a few hours for the new price to go into effect.

Royalties are paid 60 days after your book is published. Before you ever upload your book start creating buzz for it. Set up a blog tour, advertising spots, and create teasers for your book.

You don’t have to have Photoshop for that, you can use PicMonkey – and use these graphics that include your name, the title of your book and a quote from the book to build pre-release interest.

More and more men and women are finding themselves shut out of the workforce. It’s a tragic outlook for the foreseeable future, but whether or not you continue looking for a regular 9-5 job, it’s still wise to launch your own work at home business.

Aside from job stability and knowing you can’t get fired, you’ll get to enjoy other perks, such as being your own boss, developing your own plan of action, and working during the hours you see fit, not someone else. How To Write A Book In 24 Hours

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